International film festival : ZOOM.14

Clapperboard for best slovene children’s film ZOOM.14


Authors: Ahac Mahkovič, Kaja Smrekar, Oskar F. Pšaker, Uma Mavrič Lobe
Menthor: Jelena Dragutinović, Marie Paccou
Production: Društvo 2 koluta


Jury's verdict:

"Amarisi Amari" animated film tells the story of love without being naive or sweet for a moment. It is a workshop product where the basis is a pair of simple animation techniques, that are quite unusual (rotating surfaces, swiftly flipping through a printed book), which gave the participating children a great deal of originality, experimentation and enjoyment in creating them. The film itself is energetic due to its well-chosen musical background, the Roman song "Amarisi Amari", with its visuals flashing, dancing and enticing the viewer to move and cheer. It utilizes childish naive drawing and proves that good animation requires only some ingenuity, patience and, above all, joy.

Clapperboard for best slovene youth film ZOOM.14


Author: Aleksander Cavazza
Menthor: /
Production: Aleksander Cavazza


Jury's verdict:

Aleksander Cavazza's "An Apple A Day" animated film is a somewhat robust product, that justifies its own, almost anarchist aesthetic, for greater impact. In spite of the cruelty of the style, the extraordinary drawing skills are recognizable, as well as the animation, which does not seek simplification, but with line drawing proves the charm of classic 2D animation. The story and dramaturgical arc and the extra element of surprise (the nurses - snakes) are rhythmic, exciting and peculiar. Given that it comes from a well-known formula, the apple-and-doctor proverb, it manages to highlight the author's interpretation, a fun variation on the subject.

Clapperboard for best interational children's film ZOOM.14

First day of a chick

Author: Shinkarenko Anastasia Vadimovna
Production: /
Country: Ukraine


Jury's verdict:

Young Anastasia from Ukraine invites us, through her "First day of a chick" through the friendship between a girl and a chicken, to their world, to their everyday lives. The simple yet uplifting and charismatic narrative flows beautifully, so the viewer looks forward to the new episodes that are shown as episodes in the animated series. The film, in its precious, distinctively authorial narrative, outperforms the other candidates in the category. The film acts as a complete whole, testifying to a lively imagination and dedication to a creative product. The characters, animation and narration blend together organically, which, given the author's very young age, can be attributed to her exceptional sense and talent for film-making.

Clapperboard for best international youth film ZOOM.14

Me First

Authors: Aggelos Tzogou, Diamantis Pachis, Giorgos Foskolos, Nikos Skiathitis, Panagiotis Fouscarinis, Ioanna Foskolou, Ioanna Tsarpala
Production: Jill Somer
Country: Greece


Jury's verdict:

The film "Me First" qualitatively juxtaposes two full lines of narration, convincing spoken text and an attractive visual, rather ascetically refined expression. The spoken monologue immerses us in the narrow-minded teenage world of a girl who intrigues and tries to quell her impulses. Under the mentorship of young Greek filmmakers, they made a film-intelligent and sensible statement that could also be a statement of a generation or today’s society. Excellent photography and editing of the content follow without deceiving the viewer or attempting to cheat him.

Special jury mention in slovene children's section ZOOM.14

Čas za goljufijo

Author: Tia Budja
Menthor: Vitomir Kaučič
Production: OŠ Ivana Cankarja Ljutomer


Jury's verdict:

The film "Time for Fraud" by Tia Budja experiences a childish tendency to find easier ways. It plays with the idea of stopping time and the possibilities that the individual who controls it could have. It is fascinating to watch a product that, despite its modest financial conditions of young author, tells the story in a completely sovereign and persuasive way in a genre-like manner. The jury wants to encourage the author to further discover and explore the world of film.

Special jury mention in slovene youth section ZOOM.14


Author: Eva Peljhan
Menthor: Jure Kreft
Production: FIXMEDIA


Jury's verdict:

Eve Peljhan's movie (with the help of FIX Media) "Loti" is a modern aesthetic product. The cast is convincing, especially the main character, Loti. The story of the film shows that personal distress in the face of compulsive disorder and the loss of a beloved grandmother is more manageable with a sincere friend. It is commendable that the film builds the narrative in a distinctly cinematic way, through the atmosphere and captured time in longer shots. The most effective scenes in the film occur in non-dialogical sequences and frames, through which the author's sense of the film medium is clearly evident.

Special jury mention in international children's section ZOOM.14

The Potion

Author: group work
Production: Eliceo Sosa Hernandez
Country: Mexico


Jury's verdict:

The Mexican animated film "The Potion" is an engaging workshop product with an exceeding aesthetic quality. The engaged management of filmmaking allowed the participating children to shine through the expression of the children's image and story in a comprehensive, instructive and humorous product. The film has a distinctive collective spirit, both in the message and in the smoothness of the performance. It appears to be made with a great deal of pleasure and does not turn out to be moralistic despite its informed instruction.

Special jury mention in interntional youth film section ZOOM.14


Authors: Ignat Dolomanov, Oleg Kibisov
Production: Mikhael Lipman
Country: Russia


Jury's verdict:

The film "Ceres" by young Russian filmmaker Ignat Dolomanov stands out for his excellent film photography, both in terms of composition and color schemes. The author uses the element of suspense very narratively, since he does not underestimate the viewer. It offers just as much storytelling to convince us of discomfort and open up the possibility of multiple interpretations, from ecology to terrorism or simple human anxiety. The jury would like to point out with special mention that Ceres is a remarkable work of art that will surely convince many professional juries with its quality.

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