About Pionirski dom

Pionirski dom Centre for Youth Culture, which has been in operation since 1963, is a public institute in the field of culture and a leading institution in the field of extracurricular activities.


Pionirski dom is one of the leading institutions in the field of extracurricular activities for children, youth and adults. Over the span of some decades, almost one hundred thousand children and adolescents have taken part in a variety of creative and educational programmes. During the decades of its work, Pionirski dom Centre for Youth Culture has had a significant influence on the promotion of education and active engagement of children and youth in the cultural-artistic and linguistic-cultural fields.

The organisation of courses, clubs, workshops, seminars and other forms of activities for children, young people and teachers, the establishment of libraries and reading rooms, the organisation and care for bringing enjoyment to the lives of young people by organizing dances, theatre, film and other performances, the study of the organization and methods of teaching aimed at children and youth, the cooperation and exchange in the field of education of children and youth – all of these are part of the essential mission of Pionirski dom and have had a major influence in the development of children and youth both in the Ljubljana region and beyond.

Almost one hundred thousand children and adolescents have so far assured themselves that tradition and quality are our guides in creating and carrying out diverse and content-rich programmes.

Our institute will continue to develop as a competent and responsible institution that will encourage and guide young people in learning and education, with the aim to enable them to spend their leisure time creatively and to learn languages and cultures of Europe and the world.

And what makes us at Pionirski dom true pioneers (pioneer being the beginner of something)?


we are the pioneers in teaching foreign languages
we are the pioneers in film education for children
we are the pioneers in visual arts workshops for the youngest, primary school children and secondary school children
we are the pioneers in dance and music workshops
we are the pioneers in puppetry and theatre education for youth
we are the pioneers in preschool teaching of reading, writing and calculation
we are the pioneers in playgroups for the youngest, where children become acquainted with the different forms of art which we nurture at Pionirski dom
we are the pioneers in the extracurricular activity entitled Young scientists
we are the pioneers in organising and carrying out seminars for teachers from all over Slovenia (photography, film, puppetry, theatre seminars)
we are the pioneers in the children’s theatre festival
we are the pioneers in musical matinées for the youngest children
and we can do much more than that…


Our activities take place at the following locations:

Vilharjeva cesta 11 (Pionirski dom Centre for Youth Culture, Festival Hall)

Komenskega 9 (Art Centre)

Miklošičeva 28 (Jenko Dance Centre)



Our data:

Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih (Pionirski dom – Centre for youth culture)

Vilharjeva cesta 11, 1000 Ljubljana


ID No.: SI80961223

Registration No.: 5056012

Bank account: 01261-6030358081 (opened at UJP Ljubljana)

Telephone: 01 2348 200, 031 682 134

Fax: 01 2348 220

E-mail: tajnistvo@pionirski-dom.si



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LETNO POROČILO 2018.pdf (PDF 2,47 MB)
LETNO POROČILO 2019.pdf (PDF 1,93 MB)
LETNO POROČILO 2020.pdf (PDF 1,74 MB)
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