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Pionirski dom at Frankfurt book fair!
At the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Slovenia is the guest of honor, the project Poets of Today - Voices of Tomorrow will enable the presentation of poems by an international poetry collective of recognized and established poets.
PANG, impro open mic event
Impro / open mic evening with improvisers and dancers from Pionirski dom. Through theater improvisation and contemporary dance, the performers will ask themselves questions on various topics; what do we want less of and what do we want more of? What to do with the feeling that the world is coming to an end? What is really important to us and what should be important to us? All this and more!
Ljubljana poetry marathon 2023
In Pionirski dom, we are preparing the Ljubljana Poetry Marathon 2023 on World Poetry Day together with Nežka Štruc and Dejan Koban.
The Magic Forest is a series of creative workshops where children can explore science, make musical instruments and paint.
International conference: Importance of reading in the school system
In Pionirski dom, as part of the Poets of Today - Voices of Tomorrow project, we are preparing an international conference on the topic of the importance of reading in the school system.
A new series of audio fairy tales for children, Lahkonočnice, has been released. A1 Slovenia is this time cooperating with Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture.
The process of registration
Enrollment in the activity is done electronically, you will receive the contract for signature at the e-mail address written in the registration point.
Pioneer Theater
With the new school year, we are establishing the Pioneer Theater in Pionirski dom, which will be intended for precarious workers and independent creators of all genres of artistic creation.
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