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Theatrical-movement performance: IN SEARCH OF...
The performance will take place in Festivalna hall on Saturday, June 10, at 8 PM. Free entrance.
GIBOGIB dance production
As part of the Kalejdoskop, dance groups from the Pionirski dom, KUD Qulenium and guests will perform.
Dance workshops
As part of the Kalejdoskop dance festival, we are preparing free dance workshops in collaboration with foreign young artists.
Dance performance: TO RESSURECT
The To Ressurrect dance performance – one musician and one dancer concert
Performance: Evolution.
The circus variety show is based on a text by Tadej Pišek.
Movement intervention: Smell of Freedom
On Ljubljana train station, young performers will prepare movement intervention.
Kalejdoskop 2022 programme
Shorter programme of the Kalejdoskop festival.
ZOOM.15 Film Programme
Check the list of films selected in competition programme.
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