Birthday parties at Pionirski dom

When it comes to organising birthday parties, we decided to combine our years of knowledge and experience with children in a slightly different way.


The party takes the form of a practical workshop, one where the birthday girl or boy is not just watching tricks or a performance, but actively taking part in the programme. We will gladly adapt the programme to the child's individual wishes and we place emphasis on it being a fun and relaxed experience.

The party is carried out by two activity leaders and lasts for 2 and a half hours, with 90 minutes of programme and 60 minutes for refreshments. We are responsible for the programme and the space, but we do kindly ask that you take care of the invitations and food/drinks (snacks, cake, candles, drinks, cups, cutlery, and plates).



1. EXPLORER BIRTHDAY (ages 5 and above)

The Explorer Birthday is for children who are curious about the world around them. Using different scientific experiments, we discover some basic natural phenomena and learn about scientific methods. Children observe, test and anticipate the experiment outcomes and think about the phenomena around them, which helps them develop sharp observation, perception and understanding skills.



Getting to know each other: games for finding out more about others
True or false?: brief conversation about the theory the experiments are based on, making a hypothesis
Let's give it a go: carrying out various experiments in practice
How did we do?: if the experiment didn't work out – why did this happen? If it did – how did we know what results we’d get? Is there a different way we could've done the experiment?...
Making a periscope or other practical item that the children can take home.


2. THEATRE BIRTHDAY (ages 5 and above)

The Theatre Birthday is all about learning to cooperate through play, performing in front of an audience (and managing stage fright), how to handle certain situations, reacting to suggestions of your fellow actors and speaking clearly. We also encourage children to use their imagination and create their own imaginary world.



Getting to know each other: games for finding out more about others
Warm up your mind and body: warm-up games for your body, voice, quick thinking and relaxation
Let's hit the stage: with the help of an activity leader and later, independently, children take part in short improvised scenes and other improv theatre disciplines
Performance for parents/an audience (optional).


3. MUSICAL BIRTHDAY (ages 4 and above)

This musically themed birthday party is for those who want to learn simple musical games which develop listening skills, to recognise different voices and instruments, and musical expression. Children discover different musical elements and types of musical expression through play.



Getting to know each other + getting to know music: games for finding out more about others and musical games
Make your own instrument: crafting simple, smaller children's instruments (string instruments, washboard instruments, rattles, drums etc.)
Instrument try-outs: testing of Orff instruments and instruments we have made
Putting on a concert



Spending a birthday with the Pravljičarija improv group puts the children in the director's chair. Through various improv-theatre games, which help them get over stage fright, the children gain basic theatre skills and learn some simple rules of theatre. They can become creators of their own fairy-tale with the help of their imagination, and cooperating and swapping ideas with others.



Getting to know each other: games for finding out more about others
Picking a fairy-tale: the children and activity leaders choose a fairy-tale to reimagine
Writing (acting out) the fairy-tale anew: the children and activity leaders reimagine a well-known fairy-tale or put a famous character in new situations using theatrical improvisation and aided by basic sets and accompanied by music (mostly Orff instruments)
Putting on a show for their parents/an audience (optional)


5. ART BIRTHDAY (ages 5 and above)

For children who are into plastic arts, we organize an unforgettable party where they can transfer all their feelings to different mediums. We will get to know and use different materials, colours and infinite design possibilities while making various useful objects. Children will discover a whole new world of smells, tastes, sounds and textures with the help of artistically crafted objects.



Getting to know each other: games for finding out more about others
Materials and objects: getting to know the materials and the objects created from them
Do it yourself!: making and decorating useful objects
Birthday poster: everyone makes a poster for the person celebrating


PRICE LIST (includes VAT):


hire of the space
preparation and carrying out of the programme
a symbolic gift for the birthday boy/girl


up to 15 children: 180 €

15 to 20 children: 200 €

20 to 25 children: 220 €


We organize celebrations on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For an offer, send us an e-mail with information about the number of participants, the age of the birthday person and the type of party you want. The reservation must be made at least 14 days before the event.


For any additional information, contact:
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