International film festival : ZOOM.13

Clapperboard for best slovene children’s film

Authors: Kaja Smrekar, Ahac Mahkovič. Lina Rotar Paušič, Oskar F. Pšaker, Tin Rotar Paušič, Jure Šantej
Menthor: Anka Kočevar
Production: Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta, Mestna knjižnica LjubljanaUsing traditional animation of drawing on paper and original music, Lakota (Famine) portrays a ruthless food chain and the different power relations that evolve within it. The film critically addresses the modern state of mind, which is marked by an endless famine, while at the same time its ending stirs a sense of hope for humanity.

Clapperboard for best slovene youth film ZOOM.13

Author: Tadej Vintar
Director of Photography: Sergij Teraž
With its convincing story, acting, and visual symbolism, the film passes on to the viewer the feelings of entrapment and absence of freedom. These feelings emerge when longing for love and friendship, which are unreachable in our minds because of boundaries imposed by ourselves or by society.

Clapperboar for best interational children's film ZOOM.13

Author: group work
Menthor: Miroslav Klarić, Jadranko Lopatić
Production: FKVK Zaprešić, Hrvaška


This simple but effective art image, made by a combination of textile, wool and collage, supports a nice and entertaining story that ends with a moral. The convincing character of the tomcat, by introducing an innovative way of catching its prey, brings about a nostalgic memory of Tom & Jerry,

Clapperboard for best international youth film ZOOM.13

Author: Ciara Lyons, USA

Following a “less is more” approach, the film discusses teenage questions that are wrought with existential reflections and a sense of uncertainty. The innovative way in which the main protagonist is positioned, showing her back to the audience, doesn't lessen the moment of identification and experience – it symbolically enhances it.

Special jury mention in slovene children's section ZOOM.13
Beseda ni konj

Authors: Bine Praček, Eva Julija Rozman, Sabina Nadine Bogoev, Ema Hostar, Ana in Neža Štular
Menthors: Andreja Goetz, Petra Stare, Andrej Štular
Production: društvo za Slon, KD Nebo, produkcija Laute


Innovative art imagery that uses old objects in stop motion brings already forgotten Slovenian proverbs closer to youngsters. Fittingly, the film accompanies these old objects with original music, made by the young authors, breathing in the essence of a peasant room.

Special jury mention in slovene youth section ZOOM.13

Authors: Nika Podbevšek, Julija Mekuč, Iida Hanninen, Jernej Žakelj, Marija Malovrh, Žan Marcel Stermecki, Tana Rošić, Urška Lupša, Eva Lavrič, Lea Buonassisi, Nika Karner, Liliya Holovatyuk, Alja Ločičnik, Jan Martinčič, Žan Žak Martinjak, Sara Teršar, Tjaša Pajsar
Menthor: Špela Čadež
Production: ZVVIKS, Kolja Saksida; koprodukcija Srednja medijska in grafična šola

The film ends the way it began, creating in the viewer different emotions and interpretations of the world in the same time and space. These interpretations are also reflected in the art image of individual animated sequences, taking us on a mental carousel.

Special jury mention in interntional youth film section ZOOM.13
Early bloomers

Author: Mia Luka Vicentić, Croatia

Through an emotional and first-person narration, the film candidly sheds light on an issue which doesn't get enough attention – sexual harassment and abuse in early teenage years.

Special jury mention in international youth film section ZOOM.13

Author: Joana Caiano Tavares, Portugal

By using an experimental expression of thinking outside the box, the film reflects on adulthood and roles we play in a male-female relationship. In some instances, due to its symmetrical shots, scenography and an intriguing quirkiness of the main protagonists and the story, we feel like we ended up in Wes Anderson film world.

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