International film festival : International film festival for children and youth: ZOOM.17

Clapperboard for best children's film ZOOM.17

film: Časopisi / Novine / The Newspapers

authors: Dorotea Bukvić, Juraj Škovrlj, Nola Škrbec, Vid Balja, Niko Karaula, Tonka Krnić, Frane Krnić, Mihael Dučak

production: FKVK Zaprešić, Hrvaška


Jury's verdict:

This short film creatively combines animation and acting to portray a child's perspective on the media world of adults. When a child opens a newspaper, images of present day burst forth: soldiers and tanks firing at each other; a giant ship sinking; a soccer match between two teams. Simple yet visually effective puppets and backgrounds made of newspaper come to life before our eyes. Young authors make meaningful use of original materials and the stop-motion technique to create a convincingly vivid world of news. This world, however, is not very child-friendly, so it ultimately ends up in the trash as a crumpled ball of paper. The open ending allows for the viewer's own interpretation.


Link to the film

Clapperboard for best youth film ZOOM.17

Film: Zhila mo

Authors: Behyad Bahmani, Aida Zandkarimi

Production: Arsalan Bahmani, Iran


Jury's verdict:

This short film by young Iranian directors offers a striking perspective on the theme of gender relations and the systematic subjugation of women in a patriarchal society. In contrast to the complexity of the subject, however, the film's presentation of these themes as well as its dramaturgy are highly refined, almost ascetics. The seemingly simple depiction of the film's idea makes the film stand out all that more strongly. The film's creators have managed to create a unique cinematic language with a well-executed storyline, thoughtful framing, and effective editing. By using the aesthetics of a grainy film, imitating a film strip, exceptional sound design, and a delicate use of music, they have managed to create an intimate atmosphere. This closeness effectively reduces the distance between the audience and the protagonist, allowing us to more easily identify with her and share her experience. The jury is also aware of how challenging it is to produce socially critical films in Iran at this time. The authors' perserverance, their dedication to art, and the changes they seek to achieve have inspired us and strenghtened our support of their work.

Special jury mention for children's film ZOOM.17

Film: Legend of Velebaba

Authors: Nika Pečarič, Nika Črnugelj, Lara Oberman, Lucija Kostelec, Janin Pirkovič, Lana Išpanov, Manca Mihelčič

Production: Društvo Slon, Belokranjski muzej Metlika, OŠ Metlika


Jury's verdict:

This short film offers a fresh and intriguing modernization of a traditional folk tale. Through it, young creators engage with their own cultural heritage and update it in an appealing way. The film's visuals are attractive, and the use of stop-motion animation in the collage technique is meaningful. The story opens the door to critically think about the shaping of social norms, sterotypes, and expectations. At the same time, the animated film offers young people the opportunity to become active explorers of their cultural identity and its place in contemporary society.


Link to the film


Special jury mention for youth film ZOOM.17

Film: Whirlwind

Author: Lučka Kenda

Production: Zavod Dagiba, Slovenija


Jury's verdict:

This short animated film by a young Slovenian animator takes us on an emotional journey through the eyes of the protagonist who, in the hustle and bustle of the city, loses her younger brother. The author, in a very subtle way, using colour, sound, music, and the very way in which she represented the environment and people, succeeds in creating an authentic scene from everyday life in a big city. Just in the moment when webegin to immerse ourselves in this environment with the story's characters, however, a turning point occurs – the little brother gets lost in the crowd, and the girl is gripped by panic, guilt, and despair. Through intense audio and visual presentation, the author draws us into the whirlwind of emotional experience, all the way to the resolution that is-fortunately-a happy one. The film invites us to reflect on the fragility of existence, the importance of living in the present moment, and the preciousness of our loved ones.

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