A new series of audio fairy tales for children, Lahkonočnice, has been released. A1 Slovenia is this time cooperating with Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture.

The new series of fairy tales was born out of the desire to help overcome the language barriers encountered by children who attend our educational institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and elsewhere. The series consists of six fairy tales by Slovenian writers, interpreted by well-known Slovenian drama actors, and translated by employees of the public institution Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture. Through the story, each of them brings children closer to situations of acceptance and cooperation and introduces some basic phrases and words in a foreign language.


In this current, ninth edition, the following fairy tales were published:


  • Žiga X. Gombač: Tri pustne žirafe | Sara Ajeti in Marisa Zorko, translators | Albanian
  • Sebastijan Pregelj: Kosilo v troje | Marija Ilievska, translator | Macedonian
  • Nina Kokelj: Beli muc | Dejana Milanović, translator | Bosnian
  • Tomo Kočar: Medo na obisku |  Anja Banko, translator | Russian
  • Nina Mav Hrovat: Miškina potica | Natalia Sultanova, translator | Ukranian
  • Cvetka Sokolov: Kot iz škatlice | Nives Rac, translator | German


In each fairy tale, we highlighted words/phrases and presented them in Slovenian and in the foreign languages mentioned above. The notes are additionally supported by a phonetic notation and a sound recording. In addition to a dictionary of words and phrases in a foreign language, the fairy tale also contains practical advice on how to learn vocabulary in a foreign language through the game. Parents and educators will be assisted in learning vocabulary in a foreign language by advice created with the help of foreign language learning experts from Pionirski dom - Center for Youth Culture.

Fairy tales that will help children find a common language are available for free on the website:

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