Who is young Europe?

The Erasmus + youth exchange project of improvised theatre and movement performance formats on the topic of European identity of the young people.

Who is Young Europe? 2020-3-SI02-KA105-015783

Duration of the project: 1. 3. 2021 - 31. 5. 2021

Lead partner: Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih

Dečji kulturni centar Beograd (Srbija)

Elckie Centrum Kultury (Poljska)

Try Theatre Reka (Hrvaška)


The goals of the project are to have active artistic experience, to gain and strenghten individual and social competences, skills and knowledge, to develop personal, national and European identity, to cooperate and to promote creative and critical thinking among the included young participants. The main artistic tools in the project are theatre improvisation and creative movement. The project will begin with preparation of impro groups of the young in all partner countries and will continue with the youth exchange in June 2021, where the young from different countries will prepare performance on the topic »Who is young Europe?« and exchange the methods and acquire new skills. The project will end with multiplication events in all partner countries between June and September, where the young participants will present the project results, implemented activities and their experiences in the project.


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