Drama and Theatre for European Awareness

The Erasmus + project Drama and Theatre for European Awareness (DTEA) will bring together 24 young people from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

DTEA - Drama and Theatre for European Awareness

ERASMUS+ project no. 2021-2-HR01-KA152-YOU-000039443

February 1st – June 30th 2022

Project leader: Try Theatre Reka (Croatia)

Project partners:

Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih (Slovenia)

Dečji kulturni centar Beograd (Serbia)


Drama and Theatre for European Awareness (DTEA) is an Erasmus+ project which will bring together 24 young theatre practitioners and 3 group leaders from Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia with the main goal of creating a common performance centred around stereotypes, prejudices, and cultural differences on one hand, and shared European values on the other. Following a series of activities in their own organisations, the participants will meet in Rijeka in late April 2022 in order to share their unique theatre and stage practices, hone their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, as well as create and stage an original play as the cherry on top of their Youth Exchange. This will then be followed by a series of dissemination activities in Rijeka, Ljubljana, and Belgrade during which other young actors from TRY theatre, Pionirski dom, and DKCB will be able to see what their peers learned and accomplished during the project.
As all three partner organisations share a similar belief on the power of theatre and drama to tackle complex social issues, the group leaders and participants will draw from their own experiences to teach and learn from each other, share acting tips and tricks, and promote the inclusion of all involved in the activities of the project.


❖ to put 24 young people, aged 14 to 17, in the position to freely discuss prejudices, stereotypes, and European values through the use of non-formal education tools, in particular theatre methodology
❖ to directly inform the participants of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ programme and the European Union as a whole

❖ to create a piece of theatre which centres on prejudices, stereotypes/European values to present to the audience of Rijeka as a tangible result of the Youth Exchange
❖ to create a stronger long-lasting connection between the three partner organisations, which share similar values and outlooks on current issues
❖ to empower the 24 participants by letting them choose and come up, with the help of their group leaders, with their own specific theatre workshops to present to each other
❖ to create 24 "young Ambassadors" of the Erasmus+ programme and the European Union, who will share their experience and motivate their peers to join similar activities even beyond the end date of the project



1. PHASE – Preparing for the Youth Exchange (February – April 2022)

activities: NATIONAL GROUP MEETING I (February 2022), ZOOM MEETING I (March 2022), NATIONAL GROUP MEETING II (April 2022), ZOOM MEETING II (April 2022)

2. PHASE – Youth Exchange (April 26th – May 2nd 2022) Rijeka, Croatia

3. PHASE – Dissemination (May – June 2022)


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