COMPETITION PROGRAMME ZOOM.14: international youth films

Check the list of international youth film selection.


Capture from film Ceres

We have received 211 films, that apply to festival’s rules and terms. Youth films are made by young authors up to 19 years of age. List of films selected in competition programme is published below.


  • Dying
    Author: Zerina Oručević
    Production: Zerina Oručević
    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The Neon Leap
    Author: Christopher Schindar
    Production: Maximillian Plotts
    Country: the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • I am a Tree
    Author: Omid Seifi
    Production: Omid Seifi
    Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • The Little Red Headphones
    Author: Laura Lagova
    Production: Children and Young animation atelier Jaroslav Baran
    Country: Slovakia
    Author: hesamzareei and hamed haji hosein zadeh
    Production: hesamzareei
    Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Chance
    Author: Stanislav Shevchenko, Adalina Sysak
    Production: /
    Country: Ukraine
  • Ceres
    Author: Ignat Dolomanov, Oleg Kibisov
    Production: Mikhael Lipman
    Country: Russian Federation
  • Me First
    Author: Aggelos Tzogou, Diamantis Pachis, Giorgos Foskolos, Nikos Skiathitis, Panagiotis Fouscarinis, Ioanna Foskolou, Ioanna Tsarpala
    Production: Jill Somer
    Country: Greece
  • Free Spirit
    Author: Katrina Villarreal
    Production: Katrina Villarreal
    Country: United States
  • The Red Night
    Author: Finn Morgan-Roberts
    Production: Finn Morgan Roberts
    Country: United Kingdom
  • The Shadow  (VOSTEN)
    Author: Mamy Razakanaivo Ranto
    Production: Mamy Razakanaivo Ranto
    Country: Madagascar
  • Perfect
    Author: O Khe Yn
    Production: O Khe Yn
    Country: Russian Federation
  • How the beasts got hyped
    Author: Elvin Jay Macanlalay, Bryan Benn Marticio, Marcellino Sanchez, Jr.
    Production: Elvin Jay Macanlalay
    Country: Philippines
  • True friend
    Author: Norma Hari
    Production: Abdul Rahman
    Country: Indonesia
  • and then I STOOD
    Author: Bhavi Jain
    Production: Bhavi Jain
    Country: India
  • Broken-Winged Sparrows
    Author: Anxo Serrano
    Production: Luis Serrano
    Country: Spain
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