Theatre performance: Creepshow

Creepshow, a play for small children and big children who are capable of acting like small children, is a story about all the different things we can be afraid of. It's a fun tale of all kinds of spooky critters.


Creepshow - a scarilarious cabaret for children by Slovenian writer Svetlane Makarovič


Directed by: Violeta Tomič

Music by: Davor Herceg

Vocal coach: Eva Moškon

Choreography: Jan Rozman

Costume design: La souris étoilée - Mojca Zvezdana Dernovšek (woven fabric) in Incognito Design – Dominika Monte (other)

Starring: Teja Bitenc, Urša Strehar Benčina, Mira Petek, Tanja Stojanović, Eva Bezek, Matija Klasinc and David Meze

Length: 50 minutes

Genre: Children’s musical

The show is suitable for children over 3 years of age.


Everyone creates their own fears, and fears like to prey on us on every corner in different forms: we are scared of the black widow, the scariest of spiders; of the fiery dragon, who crept up all the way from Ljubljana castle; the little vampire, who's more afraid of himself than anyone else; the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, who has all but forgotten his original story; the Boogieman, who wants to eat all the children that don't finish their lunch; the Grey Slime, who doesn't let you sleep with its nasty cold and sticky cough; let's not forget the dastardly Lecha Haveit twins and the not-so-recently-deceased Baroness von Inkmunch, who hungers to hunt writers' ink. At the end of this scary and funny musical, we learn that fear may cast a large shadow, but is, itself, tiny. So we really have nothing to fear, especially if you're a poet!


Foto: Anže Furlan

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