La Juan D’Arienzo from Buenos Aires

31. 08. 2017

Orquesta Tipica La Juan D’Arienzo from Argentina – Buenos Aires is coming for the first time to Slovenia – Ljubljana.

When and where
October 2017
10.10.2017 AT 20:00 - UNTIL 01:00 Festivalna dvorana

We will have the opportunity to listen and dance to their live music – performing as special guests at Milonga La Milonguita Ljubljana – special edition.
Date: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
Time: 20.00 – 01.00
Place: Festivalna dvorana Ljubljana, Vilharjeva 11
DJ: Alenka Dermol
Entrance fee: 15 EUR before the event
18 EUR at the milonga entrance
La Juan D’Arienzo is one of the very best tango orchestras from Argentina: 10 talented young musicians, playing tango in the style of the legendary Juan D’Arienzo. Their director and artistic leader is the bandoneonist Facundo Lazzari, whose grandfather was Maestro Carlos Lazzari, the bandoneonist in the original Juan D’Arienzo orchestra.
Excellent opportunity to meet the great orchestra in Slovenia, without having to go to Buenos Aires!

If you are serious about tango, this is definitely the evening not to be missed:
Tango dancers – do not miss the opportunity to dance to this excellent music, a rare chance in our country!
Non-tango dancers (yet): come and see a real milonga in action and listen to the excellent live orchestra, directly from Argentina-Buenos Aires in action! You will not regret it, for sure!!!

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